Hash3: Pregnancy - Week 33
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Hash3 - Pregnancy/Birth


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Pregnancy Home > Week 33

Week 33 - 5/15/98

How about this news. Ashley had a normal doctor's visit today at 8:00am. They turned her T-Pump totally off yesterday morning at 6:00am. The doctor did his normal question and answer routine and then checked her cervix. He said she was dilated 1.5 to 2cm. She was completely closed at her last exam on Tuesday. Whoa! He discussed again with Ashley's primary doctor whether or not to stop the process again and they both concurred that they will not this time. He said that they don't want her going past 3 or 4cm in dilation before they schedule the C-Section

He sent her home and told her to watch for the normal signs of labor. Intense contractions, water breaking, etc.. So there is no telling when she could go, they couldn't say. But they did inform her to call any time she is feeling anything different. So like any normal pregnancy, she has to sit and wait out these last few excruciating days or weeks, who knows?

And that was the extent of the visit, so we are at home now and waiting as usual.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, after all of the trips to the hospital, the Mag washes, T-Pumps, etc. the time has finally come to have the Hash Triplets. Our doctor's visit went really good today with great news about the size of our babies. Here is the final breakdown (let's see how close they are to the actual birth weight):

Baby A 4pnds 12ozs
Baby B 4pnds 12ozs
Baby C 4pnds 6ozs

They all looked great and still had some fluid around them. The doctor then checked her cervix and she was 95% effaced and around 2cm still. The doctor decided that the time was right to deliver these babies. He felt Ashley was real close to starting labor and he wanted to deliver these babies tomorrow in a controlled environment rather than Ashley running in already in labor and dilated to 4 or 5cm. Plus this will decrease the chances of cord accidents etc. This way everyone who is involved will know ahead of time and they will be plenty prepared for the delivery. The plan is for a late afternoon delivery after 5:00pm or so.

It has been a long hard trip for the both of us and we enjoyed so much sharing this experience with you. Of course it will not end here because we will share our experiences as parents now instead of expectants! Of course it might be a few days before I update the site, as I will be a tad bit busy in the next few days, but I promise to show pictures as soon as I can! Please keep us in your thoughts and wish for a safe and happy delivery and we will definitely be back real soon with lots of stories to tell.

P.S. Those of you who picked 33 weeks in my interactive poll, give yourself a cookie!

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