Hash3: Pregnancy - Week 32
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Week 32 - 5/9/98

Well, we had our doctor's visit again Friday morning. The doctor checked her cervix again and he noticed some change since she left the hospital. No dilation, but some effacing. He was still committed to taking Ashley to 34 weeks and I asked if they would shut off the T-Pump at 34 weeks, and he said no. He then said he doesn't think she will go to 34 weeks, and we might see him over the weekend.

Ashley also has developed a very nasty rash all over her body that is absolutely driving her nuts. The dr. said it was common in multiple birth pregnancies, and there wasn't much he could do. He gave her an oral medication a little bit stronger than Benadryl, so we will see if that helps. But so far she is miserable.

He felt that something would happen within the next two weeks. He also was concerned about the weight differences between Baby A and Baby B so they scheduled and ultrasound for the afternoon. W go back twice a week from now on. There was plenty of fluid around the babies again, and the results are listed below. See you next time!

Baby A 3pnds 14ozs
Baby B 4pnds 4ozs
Baby C 4pnds


Well, we had another doctor's visit this past Tuesday and all went well. The doctor said her cervix still had no change and we discussed proceeding on towards 34 weeks. They then discussed the rash Ashley has developed and the fact that nothing seemed to be helping her. The doctor said the rash was there to stay until delivery, and other than Benadryl and Hydrocortisone the only other thing he could do was prescribe an oral steroid. His only concern was that there was no research written about taking this medication along with the T-Pump, and that it may cause her water to break or labor. But he knew Ashley was in complete misery and after consulting the local dermatologist, he prescribed the oral medication.

The doctor called Ashley today and told her he had done alot of thinking after we left yesterday about the combination of the drugs. He consulted with Ashley's primary doctor, and even called a specialist in Charlotte to consult with him. The specialist felt comfortable with Ashley's position in her term (32 weeks and 5 days) and that the babies were going to be fine if delivered soon. He suggested that we discontinue the use of the T-Pump as of 6:00am in the morning and continue to take the oral steroid to help the rash. We are also scheduled to go to the hospital in the morning to monitor the babies for an hour or so to check their development in what they call a stress test. She has done it several times while she was in the hospital, but they want her to do this once a week from now on. They watch their heartbeats on the monitor and they look for variability in their heart rates. They like to see their heart rates low and then high for different periods of time. Apparently that is a sign that their brains are communicating with the hearts just fine and is another sign of maturity.

This may or may not mean that we could have babies real soon! We shall let you know of course. We have another doctor's visit on Friday and an ultrasound scheduled for Monday.




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