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Pregnancy Home > Week 31

Week 31 - 5/1/98

Well, as long as the week has been, we now have hit 31 weeks. Ashley is still in the hospital, and doing quite well. She still has no bad effects from the Mag this go around. The cervical exam showed no change since the last exam, and her fetal fibra nectine test came back negative. There are no guarantees, but that means no labor for the next two weeks. So I don't know where we stand today. Her contractions today started to slow down to around 4 an hour. All this looks as if she may get one more shot at going home, but I don't feel confident she will.

So, we sit and wait out the next three weeks it looks like, most likely in the hospital. That means we celebrate our 1 year anniversary on Sunday, May 3 in the hospital. We have decided to take a delayed trip to Charleston for our presents in the late fall.

I know its not much info, but that is all we have for right now. Like I stated before it is a hurry up and wait game. One thing is for sure, we wanted May babies and now we for sure have them!

5/3/98 9:30am

What a way to celebrate our first year anniversary. What a difference a year makes! Ashley is still in the hospital and still doing great on the Mag. The doctor who visited yesterday said he wanted to give it one more shot at her going home. So sometime today if they can get the people who do her T-Pump out to the hospital they will shut her off the Mag again and try the T-Pump again. If she gets stable then she can go home maybe tomorrow. Ironically, Ashley is not sure if she wants to go home. She feels real comfortable being at the Maternity Center where she is watched constantly, and since the Mag isn't as bad she feels as if she can stay. But, we will see if we can't get her home.

I've told you about the great parents both Ashley and I have, and I want to thank my folks who I don't mention enough on this website. They came up yesterday to visit and to help me take care of the house. They came also about 2-3 weeks ago and helped me TOTALLY spring clean the house. That was so a tremendous help to me that I can't thank them enough. They do so much for me that I feel guilty for their generosity. But that just makes me want to do that much more for these three of mine. Thanks to them and Ashley folks who sacrifice alot of their personal time to be with Ashley during my work time, etc. Everyone should have the parents we have. We don't have to look far to see good examples of parenting for us to use.

Well, I need to clean up and go celebrate 12 wonderful months of marriage with my wife. This should be an interesting celebration, but one we will never ever forget!

We will let you know if she makes it home.

5/4/98 7:15pm

It seems as if we get a didn't opinion every which way we turn. They totally shut Ashley off the Mag today at 10:00am, and she is now on her T-Pump. As of when I left work to come home she was doing real well on her contractions. That is the first good sign. Our favorite doctor came by this afternoon and spent a long time talking to us. He said we are looking at three things before she can go home.

1. Contractions - if she maintains her current level (below 8 an hour), that is a plus

2. Cervix - tomorrow morning they will check her cervix and if it is unchanged then another plus.

3. Ultrasound - We have one scheduled at 8:30 in the morning. They will look to see if all three are growing at the same rate and one is not falling behind. If all three are getting bigger at the same pace then another good sign. (I think they have grown because she has gained 10 pounds in the hospital!)

If all three are good, then we will come home tomorrow. It may be for a short time (or not), but at least it is a change of scenery for Ashley.

Bye for now.

5/5/98 10:15pm


10:30am (Mercy South Maternity Center)

Dr. Garcia: "Everything looks good Ashley, I think we will let you go home."


Ashley was dressed and out of her bed yelling at me to pack the car faster! I've never seen a pregnant woman move so fast!

As you can see from the above Eric's Play Theater, WE ARE FINALLY HOME AGAIN! Ashley couldn't be happier. She sat in the car all the way home enjoying the freshness of the outer world. Obviously her cervical exam turned out great with still no dilation (but 50% effaced), and the ultrasound turned out some wonderful news. They all were great and had plenty of fluid surrounding them and their weight guestimations are listed below.

Baby A (Boy)

3pds 13ozs
Baby B (Boy) 4pnds 6ozs
Baby C (Girl) 4pnds

Not bad huh? We are hoping for 5 pounders at birth! Here our two photos taken today.




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Sonogram Photo's

Our thumb sucker again!

week311.gif (16829 bytes)

Our little girl...

week312.gif (19397 bytes)

Well, let's hope we get a few days out of this trip home so the next visit to the hospital will be to have them!