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Pregnancy Home > Week 30

Week 30 - 4/25/98

Happy 30 weeks to Ashley, Happy 30 weeks to Ashley! I had some pictures of a cake and balloons I gave Ashley to celebrate her making it to 30 weeks but I didn't get them downloaded in time. Maybe next update. We are ecstatic that Ashley has come this far and yes we are greedy, we want four more weeks.

Doctor's Visit

Again the doctor's visit was an overall good one. Ashley' iron was back down again but the doc was not too concerned about that. She also had gained 7 pounds in one week, which normally the doc would have been a little concerned about, but the week before she had lost four, so it was a net gain of 3 pounds in 2 weeks. Her stomach was measuring around 39cm, almost normal full term size. He also checked her cervix again and there had been no change from the previous week. Great news!

This time it was our favorite doc again, and you could tell in his demeanor that he was ALOT more comfortable with our situation as we hit 30 weeks. There was just something in his talk and mannerisms that made us say, it is going to be OK. He said everyone is abuzz about us. He is asked constantly from nurses, friends, doctors, and even the NICU doc at the hospital we are going to deliver how she is. Seems as if we are a popular family. He said that there are no patients of his where he knows to the exact day how far along they are except Ashley. That's why we like him!

He also said he believes that nature will make the call on this delivery, i.e. her water breaking, cervix dilating too much, toxemia, etc.. rather than us making a date to deliver. He also wants 34 weeks, and he discussed that if she makes it to 32 weeks he would consider not re-introducing the Mag again and letting her go, but that will be a decision he makes when the time comes.

Ashley has done a tremendously difficult job so far and I am proud of her. It seems as if we are entering the home stretch, so I will update as much as I can, a little more during the week. We go back next Friday, and we have another ultrasound. See ya soon!

4/26/98 Update

Murphy's Law, I went and bragged all over about Ashley and today we are back at the hospital. Nothing major. Yesterday at around 5;00pm or so Ashley started feeling a good bit more contractions than normal, so she decided to monitor. After thirty minutes of the hour required she called her nurse and said she is feeling alot of contractions. The nurse said to go ahead and send the strip. She had eight in thirty minutes. Way too many.

Ashley then phone the doctor on call and he said get to the hospital. Apparently the T-Pump had run its course and all of her receptors had been used up. They expected this and actually she went longer than they expected on the Pump. So now she gets her favorite drug Magnesium Sulfate again to wash her receptors out and after 48 hours they will re-introduce the Pump and release her, Like I said this was expected so there was no real alarm. Her cervix suffered no change as a result of the high contractions. Looks like we are there until Monday night or Tuesday morning. But I believe all is well. I believe Ashley is reacting better this time to the Mag, although it still has caused some vomiting and her to feel overheated. I will keep the site posted on my trips home.

4/27/98 Update (6:30 pm)

Well, good news, at 5:00pm today Ashley was taken off the Mag, and they started her T-Pump going again. Boy, was she happy to get off that stuff! I believe it did its job though, as she was down to 3-5 contractions per hour. If all goes well tonight then they will let her go home in the morning, and let's hope the next visit will be to have these babies and no more Mag.

The babies were doing just fine throughout this whole visit. I told Ashley I want to videotape what she has been through (vomiting, etc. on the Mag), and when these kids act up show it to them to see what their Mom went through for them. But yeah, I know that won't even help. So let's hope we get her home tomorrow and she can go another 2-4 weeks. Bye for now, back to the hospital.

4/28/98 Update (8:30 pm)

OK, I lied, Ashley is not home yet, and is spending one more night at the hospital. The doctor assessed her around 6;00pm and felt comfortable enough to send her home, but was not comfortable with her contractions (still around 6-8 range) and said she might be right back in the hospital. But he left it up to Ashley, and she chose to stay one more night to see if her uterus will stable out.some. It looked on her monitor as if she was having a good bit of irritability compared to her last hospital stay, most likely from the babies being bigger and kicking around alot.

Well, that is about it from Hashbaby Land. It's back to the hospital for Dad here. I really hope she can get home and stay here for three more weeks. The doctor today said he wants 34 weeks, and if that means putting her on Mag for these next three weeks then he most likely will, unless something happens such as her water breaking, etc. that they can't control. So we need the T-Pump to do its job for three weeks!

4/29/98 Update (10:30 pm)

Boy, how these things change. As you can see by the time it is late Wednesday night and I am home again for a night of rest on a real bed. I'm not happy with being away from her but I think I need one good night on a bed. Well, I have good news, bad news...

Bad news first. Ashley had to go back on the Mag today around 1:30. Her contractions were still around the 8-10 range but they were getting longer in terms of time. They didn't like that so they went back to the Mag.

Good news...when I left her at around 10:00pm (9 hours on Mag), she had no effects from the Mag yet! She actually ate dinner and kept it down and was drinking plenty of fluids and was even laughing with her sister and brother-in-law for awhile. I really hope she keeps this up.

They plan to do a cervix exam tomorrow along with a fetal fibra nectine (I hope I got it right). This is a lab test they do to determine if she will go into labor within the next two weeks. If the test is positive or her cervix has changed then we are in the hospital until the babies get here. If they are negative they will again take her off the Mag after 72 hours this time and see if the T-Pump is effective again. So it looks as if her permanent residence may be the Maternity Center for the next few weeks. Let's hope she can pass a test tomorrow and at least get home for a few days for a change of scenery, although I'm not sure she wants to leave anymore. She just feels more comfortable there. Well I am beat and am looking forward to a bed tonight so I am heading there right away! Tune in tomorrow for the latest on our three.




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