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Pregnancy Home > Week 29

Week 29 - 4/18/98

If I was a schoolteacher I would have to give Ashley an A+ for her doctor's visit yesterday. She was a little worried going in because we had not seen anyone for a week and 3 days, plus late Thursday night Ashley was registering around 9 or 6 contractions per hour. But we went to our visit and the first good report was that she passed her blood sugar test again, along with her iron being back up. An excellent report from the lab.

Next was Ashley's favorite part. Looking at her babies! We went to the ultrasound room and had a peek at them. It is getting more difficult to make out the babies now as a result of their growth. But we made out what we could according to what the Tech told us. They were all perfect. Another good report. They were guestimating their weights to be Baby A (3 pounds, 1ounce), Baby B (3pounds, 2 ounces), and Baby C (3 pounds). Keep in mind these are just estimates but that was great news. Looks like the steroid shots pumped them up! What they look for in multiple births, which is why we have so many ultrasounds, is for one of the three to basically stop growing. That is a sign to deliver, but as long as they hang around the same weight and growth patterns everything is great. The tech said if the weight difference is 1 pound or greater they tend to be concerned. Here are a few shots from the ultrasounds, but like I said we don't have as many fun shots because they are harder to obtain.

The rest of the visit went extremely well. The doctor did a physical exam of her cervix again and he noticed absolutely no change since her last exam over a week ago! That is the great news. The rest of the exam was filled with a few questions and we go back in one week to do it again.

If I could speak for both Ashley and I about our last few weeks and give a little advice to expecting multiple birth parents I would suggest these few things:

1. DRINK, DRINK, DRINK plenty of water (fluids)! Ashley did this , but she really didn't settle in to the importance of it until her hospital visit. She noticed on her contraction monitor that as soon as she drank water her contractions would settle down tremendously. So please take the advice, I know Ashley is tired of hearing it to, but it works!

2. BEDREST. I know first hand how much this really sucks for Ashley, but I wish we would have started it sooner. Don't' try and be brave and say you can do it longer, that's crazy! As soon as your doctor says bedrest, do it. It definitely improved our situation.

3. PATIENCE. This one's for the Dad's. Sometimes we are forgotten, but that's OK. Dad's, and I know I am the worst to give advice on this subject, but please have patience with your wife's situation. It's tough, but all the attention needs to be focused on her. Try to become become SuperDad. Do all the laundry, housecleaning, vacuuming, etc. and let her have her time to bake those babies! It will be worth it!

Ok, I am off my soapbox now, but I did want to use our website to help others out that are experiencing what we are, and to offer any advice we can. See you next week!




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