Hash3: Pregnancy - Week 27
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Pregnancy Home > Week 27

Week 27 - 4/7/98

Well, I am happy to be writing you tonight in a relaxed state of mind. Ashley is 27 weeks and 3 days today. We had another doctor's visit today. Our first since she was released form the hospital. Ashley had an excellent visit today as the doctor was really pleased with her contractions over the last week., and he also said her cervix actually felt better than it did a week ago the day he released her from the hospital. I didn't give you measurements on my last update, but Ashley actually lost 4 pounds after her hospital visit, but has gained that back at home over the last few days. She also measured 38cm (her belly). So we were really pleased with her visit and we scheduled an ultrasound appt. and a dr's visit for next Friday., the 17th I believe. She also has to be re-checked for her blood sugar level.

Her progress at home has been excellent on the T-Pump they are giving her (all my friends say I'm sounding like a doctor on my website, well I am around it enough). They adjusted her baseline rate a few times and her boluses (I am not sure of the spelling here, but that is what they call an increased dosage of medication which are scheduled at certain times during the day and night). Her contractions have stayed as low as 1 per hour and as high as 8 per hour. Her baseline is set at 8 and higher. She seems to have the higher contractions at night.

The nurse from the monitoring company, and where she got the T-Pump, came to our house Friday night to show us how to change out the needle and tubing in her leg. Okay, let's just say I will do anything in the world for my wife, but for this one we had to call in reserves, her mom! But I did watch closely and learned how to do it. So far the drug is doing its job, but the doctor did warn us that it may be likely Ashley will need one more Mag wash before the babies come because sometimes this drug will wear its course and become ineffective.

Oh yeah, you know how Ashley and I praise her doctor so much. Well, last Thursday night Ashley measured 8 contractions and had only been home for one night and did NOT want to go back, so she was obviously a little nervous. Well she decided to call the doctor on call and luckily it was her favorite. He talked to her on the phone and suggested that we meet him at the office to have a look at her. It was 10:00 at night! He is the coolest I tell you! It comforted Ashley alot to know all was well. Thanks for the extra time Doc!

See you next time with pictures!

P.S. I forgot to mention while Ashley was in the hospital they did an ultrasound and guestimated the babies all to be over two pounds. Not bad!




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