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Pregnancy Home > Week 26

Week 26 - 3/28/98

This will be a real quick update as we are back at the hospital and I am home taking care of the cat, etc. for a few hours. Here was our week:
We had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday that went real well, Ashley's cervix had not changed at all so the doctor was pleased. We left the visit feeling really good. Then came Thursday when Ashley did her morning monitor she measured 7 contractions. She re-measured and still had seven. They sent her back to the doctor's office. She was checked again and still her cervix was nice and firm, no change. We went back home.
Well Friday she did her morning measurement and she had 14. Way to many! They immediately sent her to the hospital. She got checked in and they started her on the monitor, and gave her an oral dose of Breathine, and then a shot of it. This didn't do much to slow the contractions down, so the doctor discussed with us Magnesium Sulfate. So they started her on that yesterday afternoon. What a fun drug, Ashley couldn't eat at all (but she was on an IV) and got sick about 4 times through the course of last night and this morning. Along with the Magnesium, the doctor decided to give her a shot of steroids to mature the babies in case they had to deliver. Only precautionary.
Well, as of this morning, it appears the Magnesium is working, her contractions are down to every 10 minutes or so, where they were every 4-5 when we arrived at the hospital. So, we await the doctor's report today, they will wean her down on her dosage of Mag, and see if her contractions remain stable, then assess putting her on a Breathine pump, which drips the drug continuously into her like an IV, in which case she can go home. By the way, her cervix has changed slightly according to her doctor, but still no dilation.
I apologize for the rushed typing effort, as I am working on no sleep and rushing. To wrap it up, the assessment is she has improved tremendously since arrival, and she has no bad effects from the Mag, or the steroid shot, which is great. I hope to be updating tonight with the news we are bringing her home.
So long for now, I am back to the hospital.

8:10pm Update
I am home again from the hospital, without Ashley. She has made significant improvement as the day has gone by. The Magnesium Sulfate is doing its job. Her contractions are all the way down to three to four an hour. Great improvement. She also received another steroid shot today to mature the babies lungs. They are saying she may be able to start weaning herself off the Mag slowly to see if her contractions stay the same, and then they would put her on a breathine pump. That attaches to her under the skin and hangs from her waist and constantly supplies medicine to her. But that is all speculation. We could be in the hospital until delivery. Ashley has responded very well to the Mag, no fluid on the lungs from the steroid shots, and overall is doing one heck of a job, what a trooper she is. These babies don't know what a strong Mom they have! They didn't check her cervix today as too much irritation to it causes more problems.
Well, I need to get back at the hospital, but on my breaks I will update the page as time permits, but for now, we have made good steps. Bye now!

Sunday 3/29/98 10:45am
I am home again this Sunday morning. Ashley is doing fantastic! She had a really calm night, and I believe I finally got some sleep too! Her contractions are way down, maybe 3-4 an hour. The doctor is supposed to come by this morning to assess her. If he likes her improvement, he will wean her off the Mag, and see how her contractions do. If all goes well, we could get her back home today or tomorrow. She was able to sit in a chair for a little while yesterday (great to get out of that bed). She also was able to sip on some soup and have some Jell-O this morning and she kept it down.
Everything is good for now, but I am anxious to here the doctor's comments. I will let you know.

Monday 3/30/98 6:45pm
Well, good news for Ashley fans! She has had a real good day to report. Last night they weaned her off the Mag starting at midnight and were turning the dosage down every six hours. Man, what a difference being off that nasty drug did for Ashley. I went to work this morning and when I came back for lunch, she was sooo much better. I knew when she fussed at me that she was back to her old self again.
The nurse was there setting up her T-Pump which attached to her leg and demonstrating how to use it. Ashley went totally off an IV and the Mag at 2:00pm today. She was eating again and was even able to take a shower by herself.
The doctor did mention that there is no definite answer to how long she will last on the T-Pump. She may have to come back once or twice to experience the Mag again to wash her system out and then get back on the pump.
But for now she is feeling great and will most likely head home tomorrow. Bye for now!

Wednesday 4/1/98 10:00pm
She's Home! It took a few extra days, but she is home from the Maternity Center. I brought her home today around lunchtime. They kept her another day so they could adjust her T-Pump dosage. When they started out they apparently had the baseline level to low and they had to play with the correct level and then monitor her for a long period before they felt comfortable enough to send her home.
They also checked her cervix and there had been no change since Friday, which is excellent news. Her monitor tonight was around 7 contractions, borderline on too high, but the nurses believe that the increased movement from her trip home may have contributed to it. We are waiting to see how tomorrow's measurement goes.
If all goes well, our next dr.'s visit is next Tuesday. Ashley hits 27 weeks this Friday.
Bye for now, hopefully I will only need to update this next week and not in between!




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