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Pregnancy Home > Week 25

Week 25 - 3/20/98

I apologize for the delay in updating the page, we have had a sudden turn of events with our situation. I put 25 weeks because Ashley is that as of today. I'll start with our doctor's visit and then describe our last two days. The visit was Wednesday and another new doctor. He examined her and there was no change in her cervix which was excellent. She gained 1 pound in a week, and also grew 1cm in that week. He then asked if she was working still and she said part-time. He looked at her and said quit today! He also suggested we immediately start her own a home monitoring system ASAP, and restricted her to bedrest (he said 2 hours on your feet, 3 hours lying down). So the visit was overall very good, and we left to take care of her leaving work altogether.

The people with the home monitoring system came the first thing the next morning to set her up and show her how to use the equipment. It looks like a strap with a hockey puck on it and she wraps it around her belly and hooks it to a small monitoring unit for one hour. She then calls the monitoring company and confirms the info and then they give her a modem connection and she downloads the data. Pretty slick system. They then guarantee a call back in 30 minutes.

So Ashley did her first test and she downloaded the info. She received the call back to find out she had 8 contractions in that hour, that she never felt! They told her their cutoff was 4 per hour, and told her to drink plenty of fluid and eat and retest in an hour. She did, and registered 10. They immediately called the doctor's office and within five minutes the doctor's office called telling her to go immediately to the hospital. This was at 3:00pm Thursday. Her mom brought her and I met them there.

I've never seen so much attention given to one person and I am glad for it. They had the doctor there and five nurses in the room. They did a physical exam of her and everything was still fine and no dilation had begun. They hooked her up to a monitor and filled her with water and gave her an oral medication to stop the contractions (which she still never felt) and were going to keep her for a few hours to see how she reacted. The contractions did settle down some and the doctor came back around 8:30 to see her. He mentioned this could be irritation of her uterus as a result of her size, and put her on severe bedrest and prescribed her the oral medication to help with the contractions, and he upped her contraction limit to 8 an hour instead of four. We then went home.

It didn't end there. Ashley is supposed to monitor herself in the morning and at night. This morning she took did the monitor and had 12 in an hour. Once again they decided to retest her and she registered 14. They called the doctor and he suggested to up her dosage of the medication to every four hours instead of  6, and re-monitor at 6:00pm. So we did and waited on pins and needles for 30 minutes (if she had more than 8 we were headed back to the hospital for a long stay). The call came and it was only three! So something helped. Either the upped dosage or the intense bedrest, whatever it was we are using it! But this is our battle from here on out until they get here. The doctor said our first milestone is to get her to 30 weeks. Then we go from there.

Sorry for the lengthy page but it was alot of info. Keep your prayers alive and wish us luck as our lives have changed from this point on. I will try as I can to keep updates coming but with this new development who knows when I will have time. But I promise to keep you posted as much as I can. See you all soon!




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