Hash3: Pregnancy - Week 23
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Hash3 - Pregnancy/Birth


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Pregnancy Home > Week 23

Week 23 - 3/9/98

Welcome back again! Our visit was at 8:30 this morning and we immediately went to the ultrasound room (we are becoming real familiar with this room). The babies got another excellent grade from the ultrasound technician. All three were very active during the exam (by the way Ashley has started to feel them kicking a good bit, and me!) and are once again growing as they should. The tech said that Baby A was approximately 1 pound 4ounces, Baby B was 1 pound 6 ounces, and Baby C was 1 pound 7 ounces (the girl outweighs the boys, good for her).

We saw a new doctor today for the first time. Ashley has gained 8 pounds since the last visit for a total of 28 pounds. She is measuring at 36cm, up from 29cm on the last visit. She has hit a growth spurt. The doctor suggested that Ashley quit work at the end of this month. The doctor also said for us to see him every week from now on out with ultrasounds every three weeks or so. She has scheduled a blood sugar test for next week as well to keep an eye on that. The doctor we had today said he would be happy to get Ashley past 30 weeks, which is only 7 weeks away! We obviously hope she can go longer but the strain on body is getting tougher daily.

Well, that's enough for now, as we go back next Wednesday for another visit. Here are some pictures for now:

 week204.gif (18224 bytes)

Meeting of the minds. Plotting for their arrival I see.



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Sonogram Photo's

Ashley thinks this looks like one of the boys blowing bubbles!

week201.jpg (8691 bytes)

This is the girl all smiles since she is getting all the food from the boys!

week202.gif (21482 bytes)

This is a foot of Baby B. For those of you that know me real well...look closely and see if he takes after daddy or not!

week293.gif (20244 bytes)