Hash3: Pregnancy - Week 20
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Pregnancy Home > Week 20

Week 20 - 2/18/98

Welcome back!  We has our dr.'s visit first thing this morning at 8:00am. We got to see our favorite doctor again and that means alot to us both. He measured her belly and she was up two inches from her last visit (from 27 to 29cm). Doc said she was measuring as if she were in her third trimester. Ashley loves when I put this in print, but she is up to 20 pounds total weight gain. The doc said he would like to see her only gain around the upper 30's to low 40's total. (Note: Ashley corrected me on this statement. She said our doctor said he expects her weight gain to be around upper 30's, lower 40's based on her weight gain progression so far. Sorry, sometimes I get a few facts wrong!)

He then listened to the heartbeats and due to alot of movement could barely make out the heartbeats. To our special treat he walked us over to the ultrasound machine and cranked it up to have a look and make sure all was well, and it was. Three heartbeats doing just fine! Ashley then discussed with her doctor that she was ready to go part-time at work due to the increased strain on her body. She is developing some back pain, swollen ankles, and overall discomfort due to the rapid change in her size, although she is still not very big (she wouldn't admit to that though). I believe she is still beautiful as ever.

The doctor then wrote her a note to her employer advising her to go part-time (20 hour weeks including her commute). Due to the paperwork involved it might be a week or so to process this request though.

That was the extent of the visit and we are scheduled to return in two weeks for another ultrasound. Just in case you are curious as to how the babies are positioned the doctor showed us today and I created this graphic to give you an idea. I realize the sonograms are hard to make out! So here you go...

 babypositions.gif (4303 bytes)

Baby A is on the bottom and the other two are on Ashley's sides. Kinda crowded huh?

See ya in 2 weeks!



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