Hash3: Pregnancy - Week 18
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Hash3 - Pregnancy/Birth


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Pregnancy Home > Week 18

Week 18 - 2/6/98

Well, finally we have a verdict! But, you have to wait as we did. Today's visit was another great one! We went to the ultrasound room at around 3:00pm today with a lot of hope for Baby C. But first the overall good news. All three were growing great and had another perfect health clearing. Their hearts were fine along with all of their sizes. They were measuring out at around 19 weeks and a few days. And Ashley is only 18 weeks and a couple days. These kids are eating good huh?

Ashley has gained 15 pounds. 1 pound up from the last visit. Perfect again! We unfortunately didn't visit with the doctor as he was called to deliver another baby, but the nurses answered most of our questions. The doctor did call us later after we got home to check in on Ashley. I told you we have the best doc!!!

We videotaped this visit and what a wonderful keepsake. We could watch it over and over. We saw all their legs, arms, hearts beating, stomachs, spines, bones, you name it. Well, enough suspense, I know what you want to see, so here they are. (See right)




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Sonogram Photo's

Well, still no answer for Baby C...OK, I am kidding, relax...here SHE is!!!!!!!!!

week18babcyc.gif (21621 bytes)

This is her peek-a-boo shot! See her hands up around her face. Daddy's little girl! And the proof...

week18babcyc2.gif (21600 bytes)

Follow the pointer. She's missing what Baby A and Baby B had huh?

That's it until next time. We go back on the 18th for just a doctor's visit, no ultrasound. See ya then!