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Pregnancy Home > Week 17

Week 17 - 1/26/98

We had another visit with the doctor today. But before I begin with that update, let me update you on another recent occurrence.

Two weeks ago, on a Friday, I was at work as usual and we (co-workers) made our usual trek to lunch as a group. We got back around 1:15 or so and I started in on some work when I received a phone call. It was Ashley. She asked if I could come pick her up. This didn't register at first because she always drives to work herself, but I thought maybe she felt bad or something else. So I asked where she was and she said Mercy South....the hospital. After I picked up my heart from the floor and got it started again, I asked her the usual six million questions of panic! She assured me all was just perfect. Ok, wife...explain!

The night before she complained to me of her stomach tightening, no real pain, just it kept tightening up. Well, I of course told her it was nothing to worry to death over...wrong was I! It continued Friday morning and she called her dr.'s office and they told her to drink 20oz of water and to lie down immediately! She was fine until that comment. They told her to go to the hospital and the dr. would meet her there. Well, it turned out to be the beginnings of Braxton Hicks contractions. He thoroughly checked her out and everything was perfect. The dr. said no need to worry unless they continue at a regular pace for several hours, and since that episode she has had very few and they have subsided for now.

The Visit

On with the visit. It was another wonderful one! Ashley has gained 12 pounds total, which the dr. said was "exceptional". She measures as if she were at 24 weeks with one baby although she is only around 17. All of her vital signs and blood work were just fine and the only negative comment was her iron was low. But she is already taking iron pills so they weren't too overly concerned.

We discussed the topic of Ashley slowing down on her work hours as we near the 20 week period. Her dr. is not ready to commit to a date of making her go part time, but he suggested easing into the idea of it. One of the main reasons for bedrest is to get her off her feet and lying down so as the babies will grow more rapidly. I suppose the concept is that her body is not in motion using up calories and nutrients and that gives the babies more to take for themselves.

Then we got a special treat as we listened to their heartbeats. Ashley got to hear them at the hospital, but I had yet to hear them. Next to the ultrasound, that was the most exciting thing I have experienced. To actually hear your babies living is something that will stay in your mind forever. We heard all three of them along with sounds of movement (defined by the nurse). The third heartbeat (Baby C's) was very fast and from what I have read, girl's hearts beat faster than boys. I guess we are still hoping and looking for all the right clues!

We also got good news. The ultrasound was moved up to Feb. 6. Just two weeks! Ashley was very excited about this as the identity of Baby C will be revealed we hope!

See you in two weeks with pictures!!



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