Hash3: Pregnancy - Week 14
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Pregnancy Home > Week 14

Week 14 - 1/5/98

We had our third visit with Ashley's doctor today, and by far it was the most exciting visit yet! Our visit was at 14 weeks and 3 days for Ashley and she had only gained 6 pounds overall. The doctor said that was absolutely perfect. I believe, as miserable as she was, that the weeks of morning sickness she went through helped her. It kept her weight gain down to just baby weight.
The baby's measured out perfect. Baby A measured out at 14 weeks 6 days, Baby B measured out at 14 weeks 4 days, and Baby C measured out at 14 weeks 3 days. You couldn't ask for a better visit than that as all were healthy at this point and time.
The doctor told Ashley from this point on she must lay on her side (on the floor, couch, or bed) at least 12 of the 24 hours in a day. I told him that she gets most of that sleeping anyway!
On with the good stuff! The sexes.... (see to the right)

 week14group.gif (10121 bytes)

Here is another group shot. You can make out Baby A (bottom left), Baby B (bottom right), and Baby C (on top). Okay, what are they...



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Sonogram Photo's

Baby A as you can see (or maybe not) by the arrow is a proud boy!

week14babya.gif (13683 bytes)

Baby B as you can see (or not!) by the arrow is a another proud boy!

week14babyb.gif (27514 bytes)

And Baby C...just like us you will have to wait until next time! She had her legs crossed!

week14babyc.gif (35434 bytes)

I say she because I know Ashley definitely needs a girl now and so do I! Keep your fingers crossed for us. 2 boys and a girl sounds real good.
We go back in three weeks.