Hash3: Pregnancy - Week 10
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Hash3 - Pregnancy/Birth


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Week 10 - 12/8/97

We had our second visit with Ashley's Dr. on December 8th. The visit was very basic and filled with tons of questions. Our first visit was spent with the doctor trying to calm us down after the news we received. Ashley has gained 31/2 pounds in her first ten weeks. Her doctor was very pleased with her weight gain. Ashley has been experiencing a good bit of morning sickness in the last few weeks. Each morning and day is very difficult for her, but one of her secrets is to eat a Popsicle as soon as she wakes up (it works most of the time). She battled migraines as well before the pregnancy, and so far she has had several bad headaches but no real migraines. Hopefully after the first trimester her sickness will slow down.

He also informed us that when we go back for our third visit on January 5th, we can possibly find out the sexes of the three. Any guesses?

Other than that we mainly spent the entire visit getting alot of questions answered. We are looking forward to the next visit.

Send in your guess as to what you think the sex of the three will be. Also we are always open for name suggestions.




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