Hash3: Pregnancy - Week 8
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Hash3 - Pregnancy/Birth


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Pregnancy Home > Week 8

Week 8 - 11/19/97

Week 8 was an interesting week for us. We found out we were pregnant on Friday night, October 24, 1997. Ashley is not the type to keep a secret very long. She took the test (twice!) and came smiling down the hall with her hands behind her back. Needless to say, that along with the day we married, was one of the happiest moments of my 28 years on this earth!
After her initial visit to the doctor office for blood tests, we had to wait a few weeks to see her personal doctor. By the way, we both think she has one of the very best Obgyn doctors in Rock Hill, SC. It was that visit where the ultrasounds you see here were the very same ones we saw when we first found out. Incredible isn't it. Interesting side note, the day we found out was the day the septuplets were born! (Hmmm..at least it's not seven!)

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Sonogram Photo's

These photo's are individual shots of Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C. We'll come up with better names I promise Mom! 

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