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We met: May 2, 1996

Married: May 3, 1997

Triplets Born: May 19, 1998

As you can see, we like to liven things up every year!


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On with our story. Ashley and I were married on May 3, 1997 (exactly 1 year after we met) in Rock Hill, SC. I'm currently a Category Development Analyst with Unilever HPC -USA (nobody recognizes the name, but we make Surf, Wisk, Sunlight, Degree Deodorant, Brut, Suave, Thermasilk, Dove, Mentadent, Caress, Ponds, and many more highly recognizable brand names!). My wife Ashley used to work as an investment broker for Charles Schwab when we lived in Charlotte, NC. We have since relocated to San Antonio, TX. She now works harder than ever as a stay at home mother.

We now have moved back to Charlotte, NC as of December, 2000 and I am still with my current employer Unilever HPC-USA. We are so elated to be back with friends and families, but we do miss the great friends and neighbors we made in San Antonio, TX. 


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Our House

Here was our house in San Antonio, Texas

house.jpg (8969 bytes)

One of our wedding photos