First day of Kindergarten

Bryson on his first day of school

Our new pet

Bryson with Oreo

Dad's Glasses

Again, I found some young kid's playing with my glasses!

Halloween 2002!

4th of July

Bryson celebrating the 4th!

Beach Trip 2002

Bryson shows off how much he has learned swimming this year!

Beach Trip 2002

Guess who learned to use the Boogey Board at the beach this year?

Summer 2002

I believe this kid loves Ice Cream (like father like son!)

Silly 2002

Just capturing the sillies in action!

Age 4 months or so

Not sure of his exact age, but thought some older pictures would be cute to add

All smiles

Usually when he smiles like this he has done something mischevious

Time Out

Testing out new places for time-out!

Woking the baby

Are we seeing a pattern of what Bryson does?

Sissy love

Gotta include this one of Bryson giving his sister very sweet love!

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