First day of Kindergarten

Garrison's first day of school!

Our new pet

Garrison with our new pet Oreo!

Dad's Glasses

Always being a clown, I found Garrison playing with my glasses one day!

4th of July

Garrison celebrating the Fourth of July

Beach Trip 2002

Garrison showing off his swimming skills

Beach Trip 2002

Garrison showing off his new skill - Boogey Boarding!

Summer 2002

Just testing the new Digital camera I think...

Feeding Time

In the spring of this year (2002), Ashley took the kids to a petting zoo and Garrison got into the feeding

Garrison (3-5 Months?)

Garrison doing the jumpy thing!

First day of Pre-School (age 3)

Garrison is ready for his first ever day of pre-school

Summer 2001

Cooling off for the summer

Our model boy!

Just a great shot of Garrison!

Mentadent Smile

Since I sell Mentadent Toothpaste!

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