First day of Kindergarten

Carter on her first day of school!

Our new pet

Carter with Oreo

Carter's Party

Carter and all her friends!

Halloween 2002

4th of July

Carter celebrating the Fourth of July

Beach Trip 2002

Carter enjoys building her castle!

Beach Trip 2002

Carter takes a stroll along the beach

Beach Trip 2002

Carter and beloved PaPa!

Sweet Dreams 2002

Notice the matching Barbie nightshirts!

Summer 2002

A good friend of ours took these fabulous photos of the kids!

Carter's Boutique

Boy, as a father of a girl, it is starting already!

Easter 2000

Carter in her Easter outfit in 2000 (When we lived in San Antonio)

Carter Picasso

Or should we say Carter "Jackson Pollack"

First day of School (age 3)

Carter's first day of Pre-school in 2001

Carter's Bunny

I love this photo of Carter offering her Bear to the bunny

Oh no!

OK, have I mentioned I am NOT ready for her to grow up this fast!


Loks like a Disney movie huh?

Daddy's girl

OK, she has got me when she does sweet things like this!

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