Merry Xmas

A holiday photo of the family.

Future Stars

Here are the kids in the very first play. They did a Xmas play at their pre-school that was adorable!

Halloween 2002

The kids costumes

Halloween 2002

What will we do next?

Thanksgiving 2002!

The kids made hats for thanksgiving at pre-school.

Halloween 2000

Halloween in San Antonio - Just missing the Box

Halloween 2001

Halloween in Charlotte - Kids as a Banana Split

Halloween 2002

Bryson as a scoop of Ice Cream

Halloween 2002

Carter as a scoop of Ice Cream

Halloween 2002

Garrison as a scoop of Ice Cream

Christmas 2001

The kids got their "big kid" bikes for Xmas this past year

Christmas 2001

Guess who is coming tonight for Xmas?

Christmas 2001

Brand new suits made by Ma for Xmas

Easter 2002

Garrison and Carter creating their works of art for the Easter Bunny

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