Kid's First Day of Kindergarten

This is the kid's on their first day of Kindergarten this year

It's Football Time!

I took Garrison and Bryson to their first football game with their Grandfather (Panthers vs. Steelers 2003 preseason)

First Football Game (Panthers vs. Steelers 2003)

The boys with their Baba at their first football game

First Football Game (Panthers vs. Steelers 2003)

The boys with their Dad at their first football game

Let it Snow!!

We had a good bit of snow hit us recently in January 2003, and of course the kids had a great time!

Go Gamecocks!

Of course dad had to build a snowman the right way!

Happy 4th of July 2002

The kids got very patriotic this past 4th of July!

Beach Trip 2002

The kids celebrating a day in the sun

Beach Trip 2002

Our annual group shot from the trip to the beach

BaBa's Work Site

The kids's BaBa builds house now and they got to go see how the building process works, not to mention a bulldozer!

Bath Time 2000

I beleive this photo was taken when we lived in San Antonio, so the kids were 2 or older

Petting Zoo

I know this shot is of the back of their heads, but I thought it was cute of them feeding the animals...

Beach Trip 2002

Again, a shot of their backs, but it looks like a pretty scen! That is our neighbor's daughter from San Antonio in the picture

Kids 3 months

The gang at 3 months old. I believe this was their very first professional photo shoot

Monkey See Monkey Do

The three boys (their cousin Jake in the middle) doing the famous Monkey No Evil scene

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