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We all know how difficult it is to find items for multiples. We have found several wonderful things on the internet for our trio. We have compiled a useful list of websites for multiple shopping. 

If you have another website that you have found useful, please use the link below and email me the site and we will add it to our list.

Quick Links for Kids 

· Disney
· Yahooligans
· Story Hour

101 Activities to do with your toddler
Having a hard time finding great activities to do with your kids? Just click here and you will find 101 new ones to use!

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More than 1
A website devoted to items for multiples

Multiple Trends
A great site for multiple shirts, kid's shirts, hats, and other special items

Mainly Multiples
A website with birth announcements, preemie clothes, and items for birthday parties

MOST Supertwins Online Site
Strollers, books, music cd's, and much more.

To Buy Two
An auction website for multiples

Children's Online Resale
Websites devoted to used clothing, etc.

Kids Stuff
Specialty sites for kids stuff like shoes, kid's safety, etc.

Kids Surplus
Not a multiples site, but a great shopping site.

Classic Closeouts (NEW)
Always looking for bargain!!

Looking for ideas?
Various Mutliple Strollers for Sale
A wonderful place for any multiple related products
A great source for gifts!

My Simon.com
I absolutely love this site. It is a comparison shopping website. You can enter virtually anything you want to buy into the search engine, and the website searches across many e-commerce sites and its affiliates and returns the item's price. You can then sort the results by price and find the lowest on the web! Very cool for anything!

Need more Room?
All of us with multiples definitely could use more space huh? We found two excellent sites to maximize the space you already have! Check them out! 



Need good reading material?
I have listed below several links directly to websites that have excellent books relating to raising multiples. We have used several over the past two years!






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Great Coupon Sites

Here are a few great websites for coupons, deals, etc.