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Welcome to our website that is totally devoted to raising multiples. We hope you find this site entertaining as well as informative.

The web was one of the first places my wife and I went to when we found out we were having triplets, and we learned so much from what we found. We hope we are returning the favor!

Tell us what you think.

Quick Links for Kids 

Story Hour

101 Activities to do with your toddler
Having a hard time finding great activities to do with your kids? Just click here and you will find 101 new ones to use!

Contact Us

Multiples Related

Mothers of Supertwins Online

The Triplet Connection
Don't let the name fool you, they are a great resource for all multiples.

Triplets, Mom's, and More
Support Network for families with Triplets or more

Home of the twins mailing list and FAQ

Facts about Multiples
Exactly what it says, from twins to Octuplets and higher

A great site, especially for us multiples. You register your credit cards, etc. on this site, and then when you spend money at certain places (i.e. Toys R Us), that company contributes a percentage of the sale to your account for your kid's college. Worth checking out...

A great site for activities and ideas to do with the kids.

Hands on Crafts for Kids
Another great site for activities and ideas to do with the kids.

Idea Box
Another great site for activities and ideas to do with the kids.

Other Interests

An excellent search engine

Frugal Mom
Just what the name says!

If you haven't heard of this site, where have you been?

Being the computer geek I am, this site is great!

A great resource for investment news and stock trackers, etc. With three kids to put through college, we need all the advice we can get.

Another great site for comparison shopping 

The name implies it all, great site for us all!

Homes Built to Appreciate
A Website I built for my father-in-law's modular construction business 

Copy Cat Recipes
Ashley loves this site! She initially went to find out the recipe for the Ginger Dressing used in the Japanese Steakhouses like Kabuto's (sp?). They have really neat things here from many restaurants.

Looking for ideas?
Our Group Photo's
A Week by Week Account of our Pregnancy and Birth
You made it to my website, at least let me know who you are!

Special Multiples Shopping Section
Having a hard time finding that triplet or quad stroller? How about a shirt or hat that proudly displays that you are a parent of multiples? Visit our page on Multiples Shopping and we have several links to websites that have been extremely useful for us!

The Triplet Connection Chat Room
Log on to this site for a chat session with other triplet parents! 


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My Gamecocks

Of course I had to put on my favorites at least a couple of links for my Alma Mater - The University of South Carolina!

Go Cocks!
USC Sports

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USC - the School

Cocky is the Mascot of USC