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Bryson > Carter > Garrison

Bryson Gage Hash

Born: May 19th, 1998

Time: 12:16pm

Weight: 4pnds 5ozs

Height: 16 inches

Bryson was born first and is doing great. He required an oxygen hood and as of today is still on it. It just covers his head area and they put a higher concentration of oxygen in than room air. He should come off of that tonight. None of the babies required a ventilator.


This morning Bryson graduated off his oxygen hood and even started bottle feeding like his brother and sister. He was moved to an isolette beside his sister and all three are back together again!

They are all bottle feeding now and they up their intake with each feeding every three hours. Boy is that going to be fun at home. Ashley and I are getting involved with every feeding they have now so we can learn how to feed preemies, etc. It is so much fun!


Bryson was the 2nd to come home. He came home two days after Garrison on Friday, May 27th.

We do have updated photos of him but they are being developed, and our time is so consumed right now, I hope I can update them soon.

He is 4pnds, 11ozs and is18.5 inches long.


Bryson is now 6pnds 3ozs as of his doctor's visit yesterday. He has had a couple of apnea episodes when he first got home, but I believe he is growing out of that stage now

Carter Layne Hash

Born: May 19th, 1998

Time: 12:17pm

Weight: 4pnds 1oz

Height: 18 inches

Carter was born second even though she was Baby C. She was easier to get to during the operation. Notice she was the smallest in weight, but the tallest! She required no oxygen at all! She also is doing great.

As a matter of fact, I was able to graduate her to her incubator today! She also started bottle feeding today which is great for preemies. She only takes about a tablespoon at a time though. And actually her second feeding today I was able to do the feeding. She was a very slow eater though and needed to be burped frequently, and then decided to throw it all up on daddy!


Carter is doing great. At one feeding today she beat her little brother Garrison by a long shot in their feeding. Of course Garrison was taking naps in between his bottle sucking.


Just like a female we had to wait around to bring her home. Carter came home yesterday, June 1st. She was a slow eater so they wanted to wait until she picked up before they sent her home. We have new photos of her as well, but they are being developed.

She is now 4pnds 6ozs and is18 inches long. So she is doing as well as her brothers.


Carter is now 5pnds 10ozs and doing well. She had problems eating and with reflux that is slowly going away.

Garrison Cole Hash

Born: May 19th, 1998

Time: 12:18pm

Weight: 4pnds 11ozs

Height: 17 inches

OK, our little linebacker here was born last. He is our little big man!  He came into the world with an attitude as he peed on the doctor as he came out. He is doing great! He also graduated to a crib, not even an incubator, a crib!

Ashley fed him today as I fed Carter, and I mentioned it took Carter a little while to feed. Well, big Garrison here just sucked is all down in less than a minute and wanted more. Needless to say I believe he is doing great!


Well, little big boy here is just doing great. He still is the only one who is in a crib, but the others will join him real soon! He is feeding great and getting the hang of that sucking thing!


Yes it has been awhile since an update, but we are quite busy at the Hash Household. As of yesterday all three babies are home now. Garrison was the first to come home and you can see to the right his going home pictures.

They all came home on monitors for apnea and heart rates. All three are fine and this was done for a precautionary measure.

Garrison is now 5pnds 3ozs and 19.5 inches long and in perfect health. A big boy and gaining fast.


This guy is getting close to playing football already. He is now 6pnds 13ozs! All three are gaining a pound a week due to the high calorie formula they are on.



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The Birth

Here is the birth info for the kids: 

Tuesday, May 19th, 1998

Mercy South Maternity

Center, Pineville, NC


Baby A: 12:16pm

Baby B: 12:18pm

Baby C: 12:17pm

Three Words...

What A Miracle!

Enjoy the following photos and memories we just encountered!

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