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What a miracle! The time for the C-Section was moved from 5:pm to 12:00pm due to Ashley Monday started into some hard contractions, so we were admitted at 7:30am or so and began the journey till birth. It seemed as if it were all a movie I was watching as it all unfolded so fast in front of me. They prepped Ashley for the section all morning with her IV, etc. Then they put the epidural in and exactly at 12:00 high noon they wheeled her down the hall to the OR.

They left me in the room with my parents and Ashley's parents for about ten minutes and then they came and got me. I walked into the most incredible scene I have ever experienced. There were two doctors performing the surgery, three nurses assisting them, three anesthesiologists (sp?), one neonatal doctor, two nurses per baby, and maybe two or three odd people, and then us! A very crowded room! When I stepped in, they had her already cut and were waiting on me to continue. They had a seat beside Ashley's head where I could sit and talk to her, but with her permission I was quickly up and watching the entire procedure and that was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. They pulled all three out one minute apart and quickly assessed each one. It all happened so fast it felt like I wasn't even there, like I was watching a movie! Ashley did great and was a little frightened during the operation as she had never had one before her whole life. But she did so well and is recuperating very well.

Today is day 2 of their birth and we actually were able to hold and bottle feed two of our little ones! I won't get into to much about them as you can click above and see them and how they are doing!

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These two guys are our heroes. Dr. Barkley and Dr. Revell performed the C-Section!

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Here we are an hour before the Birth!

Read the kids Birth Info
Bryson Gage Hash
Carter Layne Hash
Garrison Cole Hash

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The Birth

Here is the birth info for the kids: 

Tuesday, May 19th, 1998

Mercy South Maternity

Center, Pineville, NC


Baby A: 12:16pm

Baby B: 12:18pm

Baby C: 12:17pm

Three Words...

What A Miracle!

Enjoy the following photos and memories we just encountered!

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