Hash3: The Hash's start sports and Dance!
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Our trip to Port Aransas, Texas


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Things learned from our first soccer game:

· Bring a chair!
· Bring water and snacks!

· You can never take to many photos!
· All the kids are stars at this age!

Things learned from our first dance trip:

· Some mothers are brutal about their kids!
· Some mothers won't move an inch when they watch their kids!

· Carter loves to dance


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Soccer Time!



The Kids are ready for their first game and dance lessons!


Dance Time!

I know there aren't many photos of Carter dancing yet, but there will be! Long story, but basically the dance studio where she takes lessons is very small and has small window for parent's to watch and take photos, and the other mothers are like demons in front of the window and DO NOT MOVE!! Ashley wasn't happy after a few visits, but we will have more to come trust me, especially if I go next time!






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